MS 3B Whitening Complex Cream SPF 20 维生素美白霜

MS 3B Whitening Complex Cream SPF 20 维生素美白霜



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适用对象:所有性质皮肤 (all skin type)

Directions: Can be used for all skin types, apply on the face, throat and hand after using MS6 cleansing gel.

Effects: The vegetal extract, rich with Vit B complex and Vit C to help strength of the skin texture, lighter and smoother. Its natural sun screen help to protect from harmful rays.

Active Ingredients:
1. Rice extract: Protecting action, against uv rays
2. Bearberry extract: Reducing melanin synthesis
3. Grapefruit extract: Reduces dark spots
4. Citric acid: Lighten skin action
5. Lactic acid: Exfoliant action
6. Glycolic acid: Exfoliant and whitening action
7. Jojoba oil: Nourishing action


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