MS12 Remove Blood Stasis Essence 神奇去瘀斑精华液
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MS12 Remove Blood Stasis Essence 神奇去瘀斑精华液



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特色:本产品以崭新科技把向来用作去除体内废物的可食原料卵磷脂lecithin导入产品中,能迅速洁除表皮的油垢、尿酸、盐及毒素,防止皮肤细胞内蛋白质与脂肪的硬化而长「油脂粒」。银杏Ginkgo extract能有效疏通皮肤淋巴排毒系统,溶解及带走堆积皮肤上的废物,使皮肤柔滑洁白。芦荟粘多醣可愈合伤口。

适用对象:所有性质皮肤 All skin type

Active Ingredients:
01.Lecithin: Eliminate milia (sebum oxidises) action
02.Gingko Biloba Extract: Stimulate blood circulation action
03. Soya Bean Germ Extract: Active the cellular metabolism action
04. Propylene Glycol: Water soluble moisturizing action
05. Aloe Vera: Healing effect

Directions: Apply daily to face and throat until completely absorbed. Follow with usual cream, can be used for all skin types.
Effects: The continued applicated of anti-free radical scavenging serum will visibly improve skin quality from first week of use, it provides a smoother, fresher texture.

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