MS6 Cleansing Gel 深层洁肤胶
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MS6 Cleansing Gel 深层洁肤胶



随购买MS6 深层洁肤胶,附送 MS5B 酸碱平衡丽肤露(软肤水)。
FREE MS5B pH Balance Toner with purchase of MS6 Cleansing Gel.

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甘菊花是花中极品,在清洁过程中甘菊萃取液 Camomile Extract 同时发挥最佳的保护作用,以防止水中细菌杂质感染皮肤,镇定皮肤因PH酸碱失衡而引起的敏感反应。其所含的甘油(Glycerine)能及时滋润护理后所引起的干燥现象,胶状适合亚热带气候的皮质使用而不会引起【油脂粒】。


Active Ingredients:
01. Camomile extract: Soothing effect, anti-inflammatory
02. Latic acid: Exfoliant action
03. Glycerine: Moisturizing action
04. Propylene Glycol: Water soluble moisturizing action

Directions: Morning and evening apply to face and neck with circular massage. Use MS5B Balancing Toner to perfect cleansing.
Effects: The soft facial cleansing gel of eliminates impurities, improves skin softness and elasticity can be used on eye area. It is very good for all type of skin.

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